SKSscotland combines the experience of business in the commercial, private sector with extensive operational knowledge of working in the third sector. Combined with your creative ideas, we can help you develop the long term sustainability of your organisation.
We believe in positive client relations, integrity, value for money, and ultimately, developing successful social enterprises delivering for the economy.  We can work with you to support your organisation in capacity building for long term sustainability.
SKSscotland is a Community Interest Company, an independent social enterprise organisation with the aim of supporting the third sector achieve its goals.  It is non profit distributing.  It aims to promote joint working across the public, private and third sector and to increase partnership approaches.
The objective of SKSscotland is to be able to provide employment options for people with Long Term Conditions, in the delivery of this service.

SKSscotland provides quality driven ‘hands on’ support to the third sector including charities and social enterprises to help them achieve their goals in providing sustainable services. We can help you identify the appropriate approach for us to support you.

SKSscotland can provide you with an assessment of your requirements and establish a tailor made solution to deliver these, on agreed objectives, to a fixed budget and defined outputs, in conjunction with your organisation. Options include a daily chargeable rate or a contract sum for the project. 

Our approach:-

• Identifying your objectives and goals with you and creating a route map to reach them;

• Facilitating the process along this path with your team and monitoring performance regularly against the action plan;

• Ensuring your team are empowered by the process and that the processes are embedded in the organisation on the completion of the project;

• Mentoring key individuals.

For more info, contact:

Shona Sinclair