Radiant and Brighter

Radiant and Brighter


Radiant and Brighter experienced many challenges when it re-located from Uganda to the UK. Unable to work for several years due to immigration controls, it was dependent on help from churches, family and friends for its daily needs. Through finding themselves in this situation they discovered that many immigrants face similar and sometimes worse difficulties. They also realised that there were very few organisations dedicated to offering the kind of practical help that would make a lasting difference.


Many people lose hope when circumstances are hard but they knew that by reaching out they could help others rediscover their skills and talents and improve their situation. They set up a very successful initiative in Glasgow in 2008 which gave immigrants access to the resources and opportunities they needed. Day-to-day we provided practical support and assistance from personal coaching, to advice on financial & legal matters, writing CV’s and applying for jobs.


Based on their experience and encouraged by friends, they made a decision to do something. That something is what became Radiant and Brighter, acquiring it’s Community Interest Company status in 2014. At Radiant and Brighter, they envision a community that is caring, a community that works together to bring about positive change. They believe everyone is uniquely gifted and has the ability to change their lived reality. Together, they can all make our communities Radiant and Brighter.


Training and Mentorship


Radiant and Brighter provides a holistic approach which includes group work, training and person centred support which creates a safe space for groups to share knowledge and engage in an empowering process of supporting each other to create career paths. This process empowers groups to overcome, social, cultural and structural obstacles using a collaborative approach to build life time careers.


Business to Business Training


Delivering a good service requires among other things, an understanding of the people you are reaching, an understanding of the company’s mission, a plan and a motivated team. It provides motivational team building and project development training for groups, businesses and organisations. All programmes are tailor made to suit the needs of its clients.


Community Participation


Radiant and Brighter strongly believes that everyone deserves the same opportunities in life. They also believe that if everyone is given the tools to shine, they will. They therefore endeavour to provide a safe, warm and friendly environment for the most disadvantage in our communities to address issues affecting them.


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Radiant and Brighter
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Tel: 07932 794 571
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