Title: Profile: Thriving Survivors
Thriving Survivors
Thriving Survivors is a social enterprise that supports survivors of trauma through a range of extensive training programmes.
Their aim is to help those who face barriers and social exclusion as a result of ill health and disabilities, or who suffer with mental health conditions due to a traumatic event.
Practical and emotional support is provided by the Thriving Survivors team, who have all at some point themselves been the victim of a traumatic event, giving them valuable insight into the process of recovery.
Further to this, the backbone of Thriving Survivors is made up of previous service users - on average 20% of service users are retained as volunteers, each with their own individual skill set and life experience.
Training programmes are designed to provide people who have suffered trauma with the skills, confidence and self-awareness to realise their full potential, with the aim of helping them move on to a successful career.
By boosting their employability, well-being and social inclusion, Thriving Survivors help service users progress in work so that they can thrive in life after trauma.
All of the services provided are free to end users.
Thriving Survivors’ four core services are:
Discovering Me 
An eight-week programme of workshops designed to provide participants with a toolkit to help them become the very best version of themselves after a traumatic event. ​By completing the 8-week programme, participants will gain a Community Achievement Award SCQF level 4 - Getting involved in community activities. ​The programme is supported and accredited by Glasgow Kelvin College.
Bridge to Recovery
The second stage of the Discovering Me programme - five weeks of programmes with a focus on helping participants reach their full potential in a working environment.
Weekly Peer to Peer Support Group
This allows service users to continue on the path of personal growth and development at the same time as receiving support from actual and previous programme participants. It is open to all service users and operates an open door policy. Alternative therapies including a walking group, art and creativity sessions supplement development and personal growth sessions.
A facility which runs alongside the Weekly Peer to Peer support group. Thriving Survivors believe that that child care should not stop anyone from accessing their services.
For more information, contact:
Thriving Survivors
​18-20 Orkney Street
G51 2BX

Tel: 074 931 90110