Networks4Learning Limited

Networks4Learning Limited


Networks4Learning Limited (N4L) is a new social enterprise with social and environmental concerns. Its primary objective is to provide specialized information technology training in the field of computer networking to vulnerable young individuals within communities in Glasgow, who are in danger of social exclusion. Through mentoring, N4L also works to facilitate their entry into exciting job roles in this sector
N4L’s motivation is driven by its awareness and observation that vulnerable young individuals in many cases face insurmountable hurdles as they seek to successfully integrate into the society. As a team, it is bound together by a shared vision and passion of giving back to the community they live in and trade with, by sharing knowledge and promoting appropriate technology transfer.


To fund its operations, N4L designs and supplies affordable and innovative computer network infrastructure solutions to learning institutions in Africa. Their innovative networking solutions incorporate products such as the Raspberry Pi; a low cost, credit-card sized computer and other high quality equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Networks4Learning is based in Glasgow.


Networks4Learning provides specialized information technology training in the field of computer networking. Their training approach is learner centric, informal and tailored to meet beneficiaries’ unique learning styles. They provide training materials, have networking lab equipment, and an environment to ensure the best possible learning outcome.


Who is their training for?
The training is targeted to vulnerable young individuals within the black ethnic minority (BME) in Glasgow; who are or may be in danger of social exclusion, or marginalization. Their beneficiaries should however be self-motivated to pursue this IT specialty.


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Networks4Learning Limited
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