Galdiator Programme, The

The Galdiator Programme

Central and local government have introduced national strategies relating to many aspects of young people’s health and wellbeing. It is part of their mission statement to put these into practice at a local level, and they are now working on initiatives to address child obesity, oral health and anti-social behaviour. They are also involved with local employment and training opportunities.

The Play Programme

They developed the Play Programme for level one of the Sport Pyramid, the physical level. Specially devised games and relays teach children a repetitive skills base in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

This means that when they progress to level two of the Sport Pyramid, the technical level, they are better prepared to learn the sporting techniques they would need to compete at competition standard. This approach respects the demands sport can make on growing bodies and minimises associated risks such as join problems and other injuries.

Originally, they ran this process specifically in a weightlifting context, but now the Play Programme supports children into a wide range of sports, including football, hockey and basketball.

The Stairway to Success

The Stairway to Success highlights the Easterhouse Amateur Weightlifting Club’s success for all the competition titles won during its first ten years, the many records broken along the way, and the creation of The Gladiator Programme.

They set up the programme to support the weightlifting club. It has provided a development programme in a fun atmosphere to help children learn a repetitive skills base they can use later when they move on to the sporting levels of the programme.

Winning the Queens Award

The Gladiator Programme won the Queens Award for the They Sector. They won the award for "delivering physical activity through play and sport in the community of Greater Easterhouse and the Greater Glasgow area".

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