Footprints Connect

Footprints Connect


Footprints Connect is a social enterprise which has been set up to develop a website and associated services to assist people in the 55+ age group to use and benefit from technology in ways that enhance their independence and well-being.


Locally created and developed, it is based in Aberdeen with the focus on providing a service to people who live in and around the Aberdeen area.


Membership of Footprints Connect is free but many of the services and benefits are available only to members so you have nothing to lose but many ways to benefit if you register.


Footprints Connect’s aim is to generate income in order to be sustainable so that it will always be a free service to members. Footprints Connect has also been set up to provide a vehicle which can work in collaboration with partner organisations to maximise the benefits to members – hence from the outset it has seen itself as a sister organisation to a key partner, Silver City Surfers.


A small Board of founding directors has steered the enterprise from an initial idea to its launch in 2013. Once consolidated (‘up and running’) the intention is to expand the Board so that it is appropriate to the next phase of development, which will entail growing its services and products for their members.


Our benefits to members include:


o    connections to local businesses that have been checked for reliability, safety and quality
o    discounts on services and goods that we have negotiated for our members
o    help, as and when you need it, to start using new technologies
o    ongoing support to help you stay connected and learn new things at your own pace
o    access to news and information aimed at our age group, and the chance to influence local services
o    opportunities to give back by helping new members


Why does Aberdeen need Footprints Connect?


o    we all want to live independently for as long as we possibly can
o    none of us wants to become isolated
o    as more and more people and businesses use modern technology, our usual way of doing things changes
o    if we don’t know how to use new technologies, we worry about what the changes mean for us
o    budget cuts and increases in the older population make it difficult for public services to provide everything we need.  Organisations such as Footprints Connect can help.


For further info, contact:


Footprints Connect
491 Union Street
Aberdeen AB11 6DB.
Tel: 01224 583939