Electric Horse

Electric Horse

Electric Horse is a innovative project which seeks to utilise two invisible sources of energy to provide an everlasting, silent and pollution-free means of transport. A further  aim is to set up a network of charging points throughout the Highlands, to extend the range of these vehicles.

The inspiration for this project came from a realisation that ‘petrol’ will soon be extinct and with it the noisy, and ever-polluting internal combustion engine …. not to mention the considerable expense of running such a vehicle.

In June 2005, they successfully commissioned the installation of an Ampair Hawk wind generator

They are now able to provide Scooters, Scooter-Bikes & Electric-Bikes.There are several ‘potential’ charging points along the High Street & Eastgate in Inverness

As a result of  winning  a special award from Scotland UnLtd,we are pleased to announce that Phase II of our innovative Sustainable – Transport – Project has now begun

Electric Horse is now able to supply our own range of wind & solar powered electric bikes and scooter-bikes. This innovative means of personal transport is capable of being fully re-charged by an Electric Horse, home-based, renewable energy power station and charging point. In other words, we can provide you with ‘ a virtually cost-free, silent and non-polluting means of personal transportation ‘.

Training Courses

One Day Course

All you need to know about getting on the road with your own electric powered moped. this is a highly informative and fun day with ample opportunity to experience the thrill of riding this unique transport of the future.

Topics covered in one day course:

    * History of electric powered vehicles.
    * How they work.
    * Types of batteries.
    * Different moped types.
    * Getting on the road (licences needed, insurance, grants etc:)
    * Charging, performance and ranges.
    * Practical Demonstration.
    * Opportunity to have a test ride.
    * Advice on how to obtain your own electric moped.
    * How to set up your own charging point utilising renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro and wave power and much, much more.

Electric Bike Tours

Experience the unique thrill of effortless travel on the latest electric bikes and scooter bikes.

Leisurely fun for all the family. Travelling silently around the picturesque village of EVanton and along the shore of the lovely Cromarty Firth.

Full instructions and safety equipment provided. Accompanied by our friendly and knowledgeable guide.

Prices from only £15 per person.

For further details, contact:

George Glaister

Tel: 01349 – 830690
email:  electricmopeds@yahoo.co.uk