Cumbrae Community Development Company

Cumbrae Community Development Company



CCDC is based on the Isle of Cumbrae, located in Firth of Clyde off Largs. The island was a very popular tourist attraction during the 50’s  and 60’s serving the people of Glasgow.  Since then the island has suffered a steady downturn in its popularity and prosperity.


CCDC was formed in 2002 after a sustained period of community action which focused on the saving and restoring a local building (Garrison House) in the main village of Millport. Garrison House has significant civic and architectural  importance. Funding has been agreed for a £4.3million.


The restoration of the building is the first major project for CCDC and it seen as being the driver for an extensive programme of regeneration across the island. when completed it will house a museum, library, health centre, café, and a variety of much needed community facilities.  A Development Manager will be taking up post shortly and will be responsible for driving forward a wider programme of work.


GCDC is aiming in the long term for self sufficiency. With the building and surrounding land being acquired, long term tenants have now  been secured which, all being well, will enable CCDC to be self sufficient within five years.


CCDC is a Company Ltd by Guarantee with Charitable status. CCDC wholly ones a subsuidiary company which will manage the Garrison House Project. The Company is community owned and community based and membership is open to residents who are on the electoral role.


For further information, contact:
Jim Hamilton
Cumbrae Community Development Company
The Towers
West Bay Road
KA28 0HA
Tel: 01475  530640