Comrie Development Group

Comrie Development Group

The Comrie Development Group was formed in May 2005 following an exceptional presentation by the Westray Development Trust from Orkney (see over).  Those who attended were inspired by what can be achieved by a local community to secure the long-term health and vitality of their area. The Comrie Development group is constituted as a voluntary organisation with the following aims:

Promote the sustainable development of Comrie and surrounding area for the benefit of the community.
Involve those who live and work in Comrie and the surrounding area
Establish a Community Development Trust for Comrie and the surrounding area.

Since May 2005 a growing number of local people have been meeting monthly to progress ideas.  Our Membership and supporters now number 63 people.  In October 2005 we held a community meeting to introduce the idea of a Development Trust for Comrie and discuss priorities for action.  The event was attended by over 100 people and was a huge success.  The community meeting emphasised the importance of working in partnership with local groups while developing new ideas and projects.

Following the community meeting in October 2005 a number of themes were prioritised for action.  These include:

Meeting the needs of young people
Care for the elderly and vulnerable
Affordable housing and workspace
Multi-Purpose Sports Facility at Laggan Park
Renewable energy and sustainable development
Village Paths Network
The Future of Cultybraggan
Improving Communication between local groups
Social Enterprises (Community Garage, Car Sharing Scheme etc)

The next step identified at the community meeting was to progress these priorities and establish a Development Trust for the village and surrounding area.  It was also agreed to hold a Community Conference before the summer to promote our local groups and explore the new ideas.  The Comrie Development Group has established working groups to progress each priority theme and is organising the conference.

Contact: Alan Caldwell, Administrator, Comrie Development Group, Mill of Ross, Comrie Perthshire PH6 2JR tel: 01764 679565 email