Children’s Weight Clinic

Children’s Weight Clinic

The Children’s Weight Clinic is a social enterprise that is deeply committed to helping children, young people, parents and families achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Their mission is to help nurture happy, healthy and confident young people by promoting a healthy family lifestyle and a healthy childhood weight through education, motivation and collaboration.

Being overweight can greatly affect young people`s health as well as their confidence. Image and personal confidence are emotionally charged issues that people can find very difficult to discuss, even with close family and friends. The Children’s Weight Clinic offers both support and advice from an award winning dietitian and the chance to talk openly in a neutral environment no matter your age.

With increasing numbers of overweight children in Scotland, they recognise that there is an urgent need for specialist help. Although there are a number of groups and clinics that help and support adults with weight issues, there are few clinics that specialises in overweight and obese children.

They do not believe that young people should be put on a ‘diet’ but should be educated and supported in making healthier lifestyle choices. For example, the type of food that is good for them, the effects of overeating junk food as well as the importance of exercise.

They work directly with –

·         Children, young people, parents and families – through their clinic and group sessions

·         Health providers and health professionals – through training in the CWC’s  weight management programme as well as CWC training in association with the University of Glasgow, the British Dietetic Association

·         Organisations and groups that work directly with children & families and companies interested in promoting their employees welfare.


For further info`, contact:

The Children’s Weight Clinic
PO Box 28533

Tel: 07707 878789