CairnsMoir Connections

CairnsMoir Connections


Based in West Lothian, CairnsMoir Connections offers UK wide conference bookstalls, online sales and resource signposting for those living or working with children impacted by trauma.


CairnsMoir Connections operates as a social enterprise and has received funding from Firstport. It was founded by three adopters in October 2014, with a combined parenting experience of over 40 years. 

Barbara has a background in childcare and nannying, and has worked in adoption for over ten years. Barbara has completed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Level One Training, and Theraplay Level One Training.

Fiona has a background in events management, and has worked in adoption for over twelve years and has completed DDP Level One and Two Training.

Corinne has a background in mental health, and worked in adoption in a voluntary capacity for seven years.
They seek to offer the best international publications and providing up to date information on the latest research in child development, therapeutic interventions and training opportunities across the UK – as well as providing specialist books and resources tailored to your conference or event. 

For further information, contact:
CairnsMoir Connections
189 Mansefield
East Calder Livingston
EH53 0JH