Briggait, The (*)

The Briggait

The Briggait is a magnificent building which has, except for temporary use, been empty for the best part of 20 years.

By the turn of the millennium it was clear the building was in severe need of some TLC; rain poured in and parts of the Briggait were entirely derelict.

In 2001, we at Wasps Artists’ Studios set out on the long road to redevelop the building and are very excited now that construction work is complete!

This redevelopment has created over 5,500 square metres of public and private space including:
• 1,900 square metres of affordable workspaces for the cultural community
• 45 studios for visual artists
• 24 offices for cultural organisations
• 5 shop-front units for creative industry companies
• A new city centre public space (796 sq.m) within the grandeur of an 1873 Courtyard
• A public cafe
• Meeting spaces & a heritage interpretation room

A great deal of work has gone into repairing the Briggait’s historic fabric and upgrading the building to make it wind and watertight and ready for use.

The new main entrance is on the Bridgegate giving access onto the stunning 1873 Courtyard, perhaps the most impressive space architecturally, which the public will be able to enjoy in the near future.

Public visitors will however be unable to enter the private artists’ workspaces in the remainder of the building outside of guided tours and Open Studio events throughout the year.

For more info`, contact:
Wasps Artists’ Studios
The Briggait
141 Bridgegate
Glasgow G1 5HZ
Tel: 0141 553 5890