Breadshare is a community business aiming to create a viable, sustainable, not-for-profit bakery business in the Scottish Borders. As part of the local community, it provides:

• nutritious, organic bread, biscuits, cakes and more
• bringing bread to local markets, village halls, community meeting places and small businesses
• giving all kinds of people the chance to learn and practice baking skills
• helping to create a more sustainable and health-enhancing local food system
• developing links between small businesses, local growers and producers in Peeblesshire

Making bread in an artisan tradition, using organic ingredients, slow fermentation methods and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. Their work brings together professionals and volunteers to produce bread for public events. They also involve the local community in the "grain chain" – getting young and old involved – from planting wheat to making bread.

They employed their own baker, Connor Rose, in January 2012, and have commenced baking from Whitmuir Farm in Lamancha – near West Linton in the Scottish Borders..

They have recently started two initiatives to attract investment. Their Loaf Loan sees interest paid in the form of bread vouchers; and their Peoplefund where the local community can help invest in a stone oven for the bakery.

For more info, contact:

Breadshare CIC
West Linton
Scottish Borders