Ayrshire Network Solutions

Ayrshire Network Solutions

Ayrshire Network Solutions is a social enterprise with charitable status. The IT Sector is one where Consultants regularly command huge fees for jobs that often don’t merit the work that is actually done and because most people don’t fully understand what’s involved, it is seldom questioned. This business was set up to challenge the norm and to offer a professional, quality and honest service to people and businesses.

Another area that we hope to make a difference in is procurement. Without proper advice, the wrong equipment is often bought by people who don’t have all the information at hand to make an informed decision about their purchases. We can offer sound advice because we are impartial – we do not and will not do exclusive deals with suppliers for profits. We choose our suppliers on their ability to offer us the equipment we specify on the best possible price alone. This helps us to keep our costs to a minimum as we only charge you for the actual price of the parts as well as any installation costs.

We offer courses at all levels and on a wide range of topics. Whether you are an individual who wants to understand computers better or an organisation who wants ongoing staff training on databases, spreadsheets or word processing at all different levels, we have a package suitable for you.

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Ayr Network Solutions
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Telephone: 01294 473137
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